One Earth Collaborative

One Earth Collaborative seeks to deepen our spiritual connection to the Earth

through programs for all ages that strength our bonds to the web of the Universe.



One Earth Projects

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Join in learning about, designing, installing, and maintaining gardens, including a perennial food forest garden in front of Edwards Hall. 


Community Compost

The community compost will provide composting for the entire campus, as well as for those in the community with no composting available at home.



Learn about wild edible foods that grow abundantly in our area and how to add them to your diet.


Nature Walks

Make the spiritual connection to the natural world on guided full moon walks and daytime walks with a spiritual focus. 


Children's Programs

Help your children grow their love of the natural world through informal and joyous outdoor programs. 

One Earth Collaborative is a project of Open Spirit in Framingham, MA, and provides a home for those who share concern and passion about the Earth and its its inhabitants.


One Earth Collaborative builds and maintains with organizations in the Metrowest area. Click here to read about our partners.


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