Community Compost

Building and maintaining community compost bins

as spiritual practice, available to all who visit 

Open Spirit and Edwards Church

and to those who live in the neighborhood.

Community Compost Discussion and Planning Session

Wednesday, March 8, 7:30 PM

Sue Dickerman Hall, Open Spirit

39 Edwards Street, Framingham


Come and help get the compost bins more organized and expand our community composting efforts. All are welcome, whether you are a seasoned composter or a beginner.





Community Compost Is Open!


You may have seen the white buckets in the kitchens. You may have seen signs about composting in the kitchens. And you may have also seen a green Community Compost sign on the fence by the entrance to the playground.


The Open Spirit and One Earth Collaborative Community Compost is open! With composting available, we can keep plant material out of the waste stream and use it to create “brown gold,” filled with nutrients to return to the earth and nourish it.


Check out the signs here and in the kitchens to check what can go into the compost and what cannot. We need to make sure to keep plastic of any kind out of the bins, as it does not break down. Also, meat and dairy products will attract creatures.


Make use of the compost buckets in the kitchens. After an event, inform people about how to sort their waste – compost, recycling, and trash. The compost goes into the colorful bucket.


At the end of your event, carry the bucket of compost out to the bins. On the bins, you will see two signs: Greens and Browns. Greens are all the fresh scraps from the kitchen. Browns are dead leaves and used paper such as brown paper towels. Add your compost to the Greens bin and then cover it with a bit of material from the Browns bin. This will help to get the composting process going, and will discourage creatures.


You may want to consider composting as a spiritual practice. Copies of the following prayer for adding compost can be found in both the church and Edwards Hall:


Source of All, thank you for Your Presence in this space as I return Your gifts to the earth. Please, Holy One, as these bits and scraps are transformed into fertile soil, help me awaken my heart to be transformed as well, that I may better serve this sacred planet, its inhabitants, and all that is unseen and unknown.  Thank you. Amen.


You can pick up a copy to take with you on your way to the bins, or make up your own prayer or meditation.


Don’t have a compost bin at home? When you come to the Edwards Church / Open Spirit campus, bring your compost with you. All are invited to be involved in our community composting project.


To learn more about composting, come to the mini-workshop at the Weekend of Spirit. You’ll get a guided tour through the compost bins and information on what can and cannot be composted.


Would you like to help? We are compiling a schedule of helpers so that someone can stop by the compost bins each week to make sure everything is in order. If you’d like to be involved, email

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