Learning about the bounty of wild edible foods, collecting them, learning how to prepare them -- and tasting them!

Explore new territory in your spiritual connection to the Earth.

Foraging as a Spiritual Practice


Thanks for the workshop yesterday. Going into it I had a little resistance, thinking "has it really come to this that we have to grub for our food?" - kind of a hopeless thought of where the world is headed. And, without doubt, it is a survival skill for difficult times or events. But, I felt much better afterwards. It was like a meditation and as someone commented, gave a sense of the bounty of the earth. I tend to have a defined sense of what's appropriate to eat: from the grocery store or at least from a cultivated garden! But now I have a new perspective on all those wonderful weeds (which I may now call nature's bounty).  ---Margie


Garlic Mustard Foraging and Tasting

Tuesday, May 8,  6:30-8:30 pm

Outdoors and Edwards Hall, Open Spirit

39 Edwards Street, Framingham

Co-sponsored by Sudbury Valley Trustees

Cost: $5 for supplies

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Garlic Mustard is a local invasive species that damages ecosystems and overtakes native plants. It is also very tasty and nutritious! Learn to forage for this nuisance weed, and how to prepare it for a delicious meal. Participants will get their hands dirty foraging and then come together to prepare a light repast of simple and flavorful recipes and to discuss the spirituality of eating invasive plants.  Led by Rabbi Katy Allen of One Earth and Paige Dolci of SVT.


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